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Office Furniture

The often used saying, “First impressions count”, is particularly true in regard to business furniture. Whether you are greeting a potential client for the first time at a reception desk or interviewing a prospective employee at your conference table, the style and layout of your office will portray an image of your organization.

At AGE, we are committed to providing you with a range of quality furniture that not only meets your needs, but also provides the image that you wish to portray.

Choosing the right furniture for your office must always consider user comfort, both for employees and visitors, particularly when the staff member’s role includes sitting at a workstation for long periods of time.

We do not specialize in one particular style of office furniture for one particular niche or industry. Our furniture ranges include general desking, seating and bench desking, reception furniture, boardroom tables, executive desking, including glass desking and meeting tables.

Our experience means that we can help you to create the perfect working environment for both staff and clients and make your office space stand out in terms of design, comfort and function.

Hotel Furniture

AGE offers a comprehensive range of hospitality furniture that's built to last. Whether you're upgrading bedrooms, refitting your hotel reception or managing a complete hotel FF&E fit-out, we have the products and services to help make your project run smoothly.

School Furniture

We provide school furniture.

Retail Furniture

Retails Furniture is excellent part of our solutions.

Residential Furniture

Shape your dream with our Residential Furniture.

Bespoke Furniture

AGE is a right place for you to deal with Bespoke Furniture.

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age furniture supply hotel

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